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China Trains

Beijing-Baotou China Train
Beijing-Dalian China Train
Beijing-Ningbo China Train
Beijing-Hefei China Train
Beijing-Jinan China Train
Beijing-Nanning China Train
Beijing-Nanchang China Train
Beijing-Qiqihar China Train
Beijing-Yangzhou China Train
Beijing-Shenzhen China Train
Beijing-Shijiazhuang China Train
Beijing-Shenyang China Train
Beijing-Taiyuan China Train
Beijing-Fuzhou China Train
Beijing-Sanya China Train
Beijing-Hohhot China Train
Beijing-Changsha China Train
Beijing-Yinchuan China Train
Beijing-Guiyang China Train
Beijing-Changchun China Train
Shanghai-Chengdu China Train
Shanghai-Harbin China Train
Shanghai-Hefei China Train
Shanghai-Kunming China Train
Shanghai-Lhasa China Train
Shanghai-Lanzhou China Train
Shanghai-Nanning China Train
Shanghai-Shenzhen China Train
Shanghai-Shijiazhuang China Train
Shanghai-Shenyang China Train
Shanghai-Tianjin China Train
Shanghai-Xining China Train
Shanghai-Yanan China Train
Xian-Chengdu China Train
Xian-Jinan China Train
Xian-Guangzhou China Train
Xian-Kunming China Train
Xian-Lhasa China Train
Xian-Lanzhou China Train
Xian-Qiqihar China Train
Xian-Qingdao China Train
Xian-Nanjing China Train
Xian-Nanning China Train
Xian-Taiyuan China Train
Xian-Xiamen China Train
Xian-Zhengzhou China Train


Guangzhou-Beijing China Train
Guangzhou-Shanghai China Train
Guangzhou-Xian China Train
Guangzhou-Guilin China Train
Guangzhou-Nanning China Train
Guangzhou-Kunming China Train
Guangzhou-Lhasa China Train


Guilin-Beijing China Train
Guilin-Xian China Train
Guilin-Shanghai China Train
Guilin-Guangzhou China Train

Xian to Nanjing

T54/T51 Xian Nanjing 22:27 10:37+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
T166/T163 Xian Nanjing 21:02 08:30+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
T140/T137 Xian Nanjing 19:50 08:08+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
T118/T115 Xian Nanjing 21:09 09:56+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
T114/T111 Xian Nanjing 22:42 10:58+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K695/K698 Xian Nanjing 11:19 03:04+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K675/K678 Xian Nanjing West 12:10 06:20+1 N/A $135 $105 N/A $65 BOOK
K675/K678 Xian Nanjing 12:10 05:59+1 N/A $135 $105 N/A $65 BOOK
K60/K61 Xian Nanjing 17:55 12:13+1 N/A $145 $110 N/A $70 BOOK
K596/K593 Xian Nanjing West 21:50 14:50+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K596/K593 Xian Nanjing 21:50 14:25+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K558/K559 Xian Nanjing 17:24 09:00+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K378/K375 Xian Nanjing 10:54 01:38+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K359/K362 Xian Nanjing 11:05 02:02+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK
K292/K289 Xian Nanjing 09:51 01:25+1 N/A $130 $100 N/A $65 BOOK


The train tickets will be sent to you when you are in China. We will contact you and set appointment before the delivery. If you want us leave the tickets at reception of your hotel, please inform the reception to collect the tickets for you.


The price showed is inclusive of service charge and deliver fee and any tax.


+1 = arrive the next day =1 night on board, +2 = arrive the third day=2 nights on board...


You must arrive at the station at least 1 hour before your departure time. There will be a security check (including an airline-style luggage check) before enter the waiting hall.


Passenger will be allowed board the train 30-40 minutes before departure time. Enter gate will be closed 5 minutes ago before departure.


If the passenger misses the train or lost tickets, the cost of the tickets can not be refund and he have to purchase another one. If passenger lost his tickets on board, he will be asked to buy another one when pass the arrival station. So do not lost your tickets in train.

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