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* Tip 1: When you book Z, T, K trains please get the one with the same From City and Departure Station, not using passing by trains which tickets impossible to be issued. You can book G, D, C passing by trains. Please email us your passports copy when you book G and D and C Trains, which is by real name policy. Our email for images :  image.ctt@gmail.com 

* Tip 2: The train tickets will be sent to your place in China. We will delivery the tickets to your hotels front desk by EMS. please do inform the reception to collect the tickets for you. Especially for the hostel and Inn hotels, since it happened receptionist refuse to accept the tickets.

* Tip 3: Every train tickets price included ticket price, services cost delivery cost (within downtown locations) and train accident insurance, consumer protection funds, so it's various with the face price shown on ticket. For PayPal payment, there will be an additional 4% tax added to the totally cost as per PayPal's tax policy. We are selling a packaged services, not only for a single tickets.

* Tip 4: +1 = arrive the next day =1 night on board, +2 = arrive the third day=2 nights on board.

* Tip 5: You must arrive at the station at least 1 hour before your departure time. There will be a security check (including an airline-style luggage check) before enter the waiting hall.

* Tip 6: Passenger will be allowed board the train 30-40 minutes before departure time. Enter gate will be closed 5 minutes ago before departure.

* Tip7:  If the passenger misses the train or lost tickets, the cost of the tickets can not be refund and he have to purchase another one. If passenger lost his tickets on board, he will be asked to buy another one when pass the arrival station. So do not lost your tickets in train.