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Thank you for your recent asssitance
Rating: 5

Hello Cherry,
Thank you for your recent asssitance, we are so happy that we were able to get our refund.

--By Heather ** From Australia 2013-04-14
Thank you/ Xiexie Ni!
Rating: 5

Dear Raymond, Jack and Yahu Liang,

We just got back from out trip to Ulan Bator, Mongolia.  Thank you for your quick and efficient service to us and prompt delivery of our train tickets to Shanghai. We will definitely recommend your service to our friends who are planning to take the trains in China.

Have a good day.

Best regards,

Earl **

--By Earl ** 2012-10-26
Thank you so much!!
Rating: 5

Good evening,

Just wanted to thank you all so much for the train tickets and the shipping to the USA.

I was quite surprised to find out that my tickets were not just for a first class seat, but the small cabin behind the driver!! There were four seats and one of them was mine!! The seat was amazing and comfortable, the view was fantastic out the huge window and the bottled water and snack from the attendant was a welcomed treat.

From Shanghai Hongqiao to Hangzhou and back to Shanghai Hongqiao a few days later, I couldnt have done it without your company and its appreciation for great customer service, the time-sensitivity of train tickets and being able to get me I needed to go, when I needed to.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I will use your company in the future when I need train tickets in China again.

--By Lisa Ar**** 2012-10-08
Rating: 5

Thank you all so much!
I will send an email once the tickets arrive.

I appreciate all of everyones help at China Train Tickets, you guys are fantastic!

Lisa Ar***

--By Lisa Ar**** 2012-09-29
Rating: 5

My daughter and I would like to thank the team at CTT for organising our train tickets so efficiently.
The tickets arrived at our hotel just after we did.
The train cabin was perfect.
Thank you again for a job well done

--By Ken and Jennifer Wil*** 2012-07-19
Rating: 5

dear CTT representative,

i would definitely like to give you feedback.

1. our guide in beijing, ms. vivian was VERY good. she treated us like family. was thorough in her explanations and was extremely helpful with every thing. she is a definite asset to your company
2. the choice of restaurants was good. food was good and they were all neat and clean.
3. hotel ion was ok though there were renovations going on in both the hotels particularly at days inn. the part of hotel that we were in was not so good.
4. most of the attractions were well covered.
5. the whole planning, organization and execution for the trip was good.


1. some attractions are major and some attractions are minor. e.g. forbidden city, great wall of china, terracota warriors are major, summer palace, buddhist pagoda are minor. the major attractions can be done early in the day so if the tourists are tired, they can skip the minor attractions. my parents are 75 and 70 and on some days they got quite tired.
2. china does not have special provitions for old people or handicapped people. perhaps the company could suggest this before hand or even have a wheel-chair in the van to be used if needed.
3. you could suggest to your clients to carry umbrellas with them in case the sun is expected to be strong.
4. most restaurants do not offer water with meals. you could suggest that your client go with water bottles in the restaurants.

i hope this feedback helps. all in all, the experience was good and i would recommend your company.


Sanjeev G****

--By Sanjeev G**** 2012-06-13
Rating: 5

"We used China Train Tickets to purchase our soft sleeper tickets around China in May 2012. We travelled from Shanghai to Xian, then onto Lanzhou and finally to Dunhuang before the long journey back to Shanghai.
China Train Tickets were really helpful in every aspect of their service. They swiftly answered emails, bought all the tickets for us and had them delivered by courier to our various hotels. Each set of tickets was accompanied by a timetable for the journey. We speak no Chinese at all, and this service made the long journeys completely trouble free. We can thoroughly recommend travelling around China by train, and this company for making all the necessary arrangements. They are possibly the best travel agency we have ever used.

--By Dr Gordon Cald*** From UK 2012-06-07
Rating: 5

 Just want to say helloand to thank you for all your work in arranging our excursion in Dalian. Our group of 12 persons thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The tour guide Mody waS FANTASTIC AND WE ALL REALLY ENJOYED dALIAN. tHANKS AGAIN.

--By jOANNE From U.S.A 2011-03-02
Lhasa Tour
Rating: 5

I had a wonderful tour in Lhasa, with all the temples and train tours! Thank you so much, Raymond!

--By Mr.Derek Fo** From Canadian 2010-11-23
Rating: 5

I am back from my trip to China. In every case, the train tickets were waiting for me as planned. Everything went perfectly! I am working on giving you a positive review on TripAdvisor. Many people use this site to plan their trips and look for answers. I have written up a detailed description of how train travel works in China - including using your service for the tickets. When I get that posted, I will let you know. Thanks for the excellent work!

--By Larry 2010-11-02
Rating: 5

I would like to thank you very much for delivering our tickets on time to our hotel for the Trans Siberian train trip from Beijing to Ulanbaatar (7 September). Your company made the whole process run very smoothly. We absolutely loved the train trip.
Thank you once again for all your help with the booking and all the advice that you gave us leading up to our holiday.

--By Leslie From Australia 2010-10-07
Rating: 5

Hi Yang Yang - firstly apologies for not writing to you as soon as I arrived home to Australia. Travelling on my own , as a women, not speaking the language, and being " not as young as I once was " was a little bit of a daunting challenge - but this was made a lot easier by the arrangements that you put in place for me. With all of the "pick ups " and "drop offs " they were all on time and as arranged, with all of the people being exceptionally friendly and helpful , going out of their way to make sure I knew to go next. Thank you for all of your help - it made my journey a very pleasant and "hassle free" one. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone travelling in China.

--By Helen From Australia 2010-06-28
Rating: 5

I just wanted to take a moment to write thank you to you and your company for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. We loved every second - from the time we got picked up from the airport to the time we said goodbye to our guide in Lhasa. We were treated so well and everything ran like clockwork which was just fantastic. Thank you once again for your time and efforts in organizing such a great trip.

--By Skylie Be*** From Australia 2010-06-28
Rating: 5

We booked soft sleeper compartments on each train, for the ease of comfort of travel during the night At each city, we were met by our private tour guides, and travelled by private car, and driver. Our guides, came aboard the train, to meet us at each city. We now have plenty of memories, of our unique, and customized vacation of China. In the future, our travel plans to China, may include the guidedance of China train tours and!

--By Robert Basa*** From Canada 2010-04-25
Rating: 5

Wow, youre fast!! Thanks for your prompt answer. Well propose to our clients and will come back to you afterwards.
Kind regards.

--By K*** Kitai Re*** 2010-03-09
Rating: 5

Thank you very much for getting back to me with all the information.
Kind Regards

--By Tracy Ba*** 2010-03-08
Rating: 5

Thank you very much YANG YANG !
your details are very precious, and your service is perfect !
have a good day
best wishes from Paris !

--By Anita Vai*** From France 2010-03-07
Rating: 5

Thank you very much for your answer and... I feel so glad to get the lower berth ! once more thank you very much for your efficiency.

--By Anita Vai*** From France 2010-03-04
Rating: 5

Thank you for information and support. Best regards.

--By Adam Radli*** From Poland 2010-02-26
Rating: 5

That’s wonderful. Thank you for your help/service.

--By Carter Kath*** From British 2010-02-25
Rating: 5

Have a great New Year’s celebration and a very prosperous 2010

--By Francis Pa*** From Australia 2010-02-13
Rating: 5

Thank you so much for helping to arrange our plans. We appreciate it.

--By Vickie E*** From USA 2010-02-12
Rating: 5

That is fine. Thanks for your help.

--By Rabbelier A*** From Australia 2010-01-31
Rating: 5

Thank you for your fast answering. Your mail is perfect for me.

--By luciano Cor*** From Spanish 2010-01-29
Rating: 5

Thank you very much for supplying this ticket, which I received safely.

--By Anthony Gard*** From UK 2010-01-29
Rating: 5

Thank you Yang Yang,
We have confirmed our train tickets are at the front desk.
Thank you again for your help.

--By Mitch Michae*** From USA 2010-01-22
Rating: 5

Excellent, thank you again.
Kind regards!

--By Kirrin Li*** From Italy 2010-01-18
Rating: 5

I would like to thank you for the good proceed in sending us the train tickets. Everything was ok. Thank you very much.
Best regards!

--By Sandra Leh*** 2010-01-11
Rating: 5

Thats excellent - thanks again for all your help!

--By Simon Chatte*** From UK 2009-12-22
Rating: 5

Perfect, great service, thanks for letting me know!!

--By Froehlich Doro*** 2009-12-21
Rating: 5

Thank you for your prompt response. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
I would like to confirm that my partner and I would like to book the following tickets.

--By Bronwyn Griff*** From Australia 2009-12-16
Rating: 5

Awesome thanks. so the tickets will be at my hotel in shanghai. Thats great thanks Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry from Canadian 2009-12-13
I have picked up the tickets from the hotel - thankyou very much!

--By David Meikle*** 2009-12-09
Rating: 5

I would like to thank you and compliment you on handling the matter at hand in an utmost efficient and professional manner. I am looking forward to be in Shanghai again and to show my grandchildren the city in which I was born and grew up.
Thanks again and best regards!

--By Finn P. Syver*** From Norwegian 2009-12-04
Rating: 5

Thank you for the information and all the help you provided to me.
I will be in the office at this time and my office address.

--By Abhishek Ve*** From India 2009-11-24
Rating: 5

Hello! Thanks for your reply!! So i would like more the tickets for december 6th it fits better for our plans :) Thank you very much !! I really appreciate your help.
Kind and Regards!

--By Analiz Cab*** 2009-11-09
Rating: 5

We received all the tickets in time and the journey was completed without any problems. Thank you so much for your service and support.

--By Rahul 2009-09-10
Rating: 5

I have recieved the last of my tickets from you just now and i want to thank you for organising all the tickets for me with no hassel at all, i will defiently tell people of the ease of booking tickets in china offered by your company.Thanks again.

--By Mark From Austrila 2009-09-05
Rating: 5

I was so impressed with the Beijing Xian Shanghai Triangle train tour. We got a real good time! Especially the shadow opera and Terra Cotta Army Warriors in Xian! You have a fantastic website which provides so amazing China train tours! It’s very convenient and made my trip perfect! Thank you and I will tell all of my friends about your website!

--By Irena From USA 2009-09-02
Rating: 5

You will know by now that I paid in full for all services in cash to your delivery man. Thanks for this excellent service and for sending us the Shanghai-Beijing tickets before we had paid for them. Great service! Thanks again!

--By Timothy From New Zealand 2009-04-29
Rating: 5

Im doing well, Thank You. Glad to see your work with ChinaTrainTickets is going well. In January I enjoyed my trip to Tianjin using tickets from your company. Cheers!

--By Randy From Malaysia 2009-03-05
Rating: 5

The trip was certainly amazing ! Both Isabel I had a fantastic time, we would certainly recommend the Trans-Siberian Trip to anyone. We will take a look at the website we will offer you some photos stories for your site. Thank you once again for all your assistance. I will be in touch soon.

--By Phil From Austrilia 2008-12-07
Rating: 5

You are so helpful! Thank you for getting tickets in such a short time! We will contact you after the tour in Vietnam. Thank you very much!

--By Joa*** van der V*** From Holand 2008-12-01
Rating: 5

Its so easy to buy tickets from your side and I had really enjoyed that! thanks!

--By Mark De*** 2008-11-29
Rating: 5

I bought 2 Beijing-Xian Z train tickets, thank you for providing good services and suggest nice Z train to us. its much better than what we thought before!

--By Roy From UK 2008-11-03
Rating: 5

Hi The tour of Beijing-Xian-Shanghai by train is nice, especially the Z train you recommended to us! thank you once again for all the arrangements!

--By Nancy Ng From USA 2008-10-15
Rating: 5

I was so impressed with the train tour. You have a fantastic website which provides train tickets booking in China. It’s very convenient and made my trip easier. Also, your service is pretty good. I will tell all of my friends.

--By Irena From USA 2008-09-21
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