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2012-03-20 Beijing Xian Bullet Train Will Run 1st Apr 2012 !

Beijing West 10:02 / Xi'an North 19:08 take 8 hours 47 minutes Train Number: D131
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2012-03-20 Xian Beijing Bullet Train Will Run 1st Apr 2012 !

Xian North 12:55 / Beijing West 21:42 take 8 hours 47 minutes Train Number: D132
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2012-03-20 Xian Wuhan Bullet Train Will Run 1st Apr 2012 !

Xian North 11:20 / Hankou 19:10 take 7 hours 50 minutes Train Number: D140
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2012-03-20 Wuhan Xian Bullet Train Will Run 1st Apr 2012 !

Hankou 09:15 / Xian North 16:35 take 7 hours 50 minutes Train Number: D142

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·2010-12-22 China's most difficult, expensive railway operational
·2010-04-26 Fuzhou--Xiamen high-speed railway have put into operation
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·2010-02-02 Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway fare
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·2010-02-01 The Zhengzhou-Xian high speed railway will be put into operation on 6th Feb
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·2010-01-27 China Will start Real-Name Train Tickets Policy from 21 Jan 2010
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·2009-12-16 Wuhan Guangzhou High Speed Railway will Operate on December 26
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·2009-12-08 China Train Tickets Will Have A New Look from Dec 10, 2009
·2009-08-26 A new train will run from chongqing to urumqi since 26th august
·2009-08-10 magnetic levitation trains by 2015 opened in Beijing
·2009-07-08 China to start building first 10 million-kw-level wind power station in mid-July
·2009-07-01 Trials start on first high-speed railway in China's mountainous Fujian Province
·2009-06-29 China train collision-3 dead, 60 hurt
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·2009-06-01 China Railway Construction wins contracts worth RMB 3.53 bln
·2009-05-27 Shanghai Railway Station will Adjust some Train Schedules from next Month
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·2009-05-23 Every Passenger should have a Ticket-check before Entry Beijing West Train Station
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·2009-05-20 China plans to create the world's largest high-speed rail network
·2009-05-16 The first nonstop train from Shenzhen to Wuchang hit the rail on 7th May
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·2009-05-13 There is a weekend-train between Tianjin and Ji Xian Since 9th May
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·2009-05-09 China to build biggest high-speed train factory
·2009-05-06 High-speed railway to link China's west with biggest cities
·2009-05-02 China to have world's fastest train by 2012
·2009-04-29 Shanghai tourism may shatter records
·2009-04-27 Shanghai maglev train project still under discussion
·2009-04-18 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railroad nears completion
·2009-04-11 China Railway Erju Co announces 5 big orders
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·2009-04-09 China Railway Construction bags 6.23 bln yuan order
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·2009-04-04 Massive Changes in Railway Schedule, China is Entering a High-speed Railway Era!
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·2009-04-01 Railway to Increase Transport Capacity during Holiday Weekend
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·2009-03-25 A New China Train Schedule Will Take Into Effect From 1st April 2009
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·2009-03-19 The Bullet Train From Beijing To Shanghai Will Have VIP Deluxe Cabin
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·2009-03-05 Beijing To Taiyuan By Bullet Train Will Only Take 3 Hours
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·2009-02-25 Guangzhou-Hong Kong PDL Will Begin To Be Built
·2009-02-25 The First T Train Will Leave Inner Mongolia
·2009-02-25 Train Will Be Added Between Hefei and Harbin
·2009-02-25 Qiqihar-Harbin Intercity Railway
·2009-02-25 The Transport For Recruits And Veterans Began
·2009-02-25 China Multiple Units With Sleeping Car
·2009-02-25 A New Railway Will Be Built In Western China
·2009-02-25 Shanghai Railway Bureau
·2009-02-25 Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train
·2009-02-25 The New Policy In China
·2009-02-25 China Train Real Time Report
·2009-02-25 Strengthen The Railway Construction
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